Engaging Parents in Education System Transformation



Every world-class school with high-performing students around the world  has two things in common. Parental involvement and access to high-quality technology that makes learning fun and exciting. The Ministry of Education approved ‘GRAPES’ (‘Good Remedies All Parents should Exercise Socially’), supported by Microsoft, has initiated an exercise titled ‘Engaging Parents in Education System Transformation’.


The initiative is geared towards enhancing the quality of education through technology, parental involvement, and sound pedagogical best practices; to alleviate the epidemic of BAD education in developing countries like Trinidad & Tobago (according to UNESCO). The programme is available EXCLUSIVELY through your school’s P.T.A. This initiative will allow every participating school in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean to have access to the same high-quality technological resources used by top-tier schools, such as:


  • New Desktop Computers and computer labs
  • Convertible Laptops for principals and teachers*
  • Online classes (during after school hours) for homework, SEA and exam preparations
  • Online parent-teacher conferences (for busy parents) via smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer
  • Online parent networking forum and chatrooms
  • And Skype in the classroom for exciting virtual field trips around the world, or collaborative sessions with other classes and schools.


One hundred parents (minimum) from each school’s P.T.A are required to participate for their school to become eligible for the special introductory price*. Parents will be allowed to make ONLY one payment of $1750.00TTD or five small payments of $350.00TTD. Subsequently, ten desktop computers (minimum) or thirty desktop computers (maximum) will be donated to each school to improve the quality of access to technology. Each Parent participating in this venture will also receive for themselves and their children as follows:


  • ONE Acer (2-in-1 Laptop + PC) from Microsoft for parent and student (1 year free Office 365)
  • ONE comprehensive introduction to computer literacy and ‘Office 365’ from Microsoft (Certificate of participation for parents)
  • ONE year of unlimited online tutoring/Practice for students (Math, Language-Arts, and Science)
  • ONE personality/ career assessment (for students)
  • ONE learning style assessment (for students)
  • Daily monitoring and monthly reports on students’ performance
  • ONE gift certificate for an initial psychological consultation (Elder Associates Ltd)


Get your P.T. A. and school involved by having your school’s principal, teacher or P.T.A. executive send us a request via email to ‘info@grapesforlife.com‘ or call us at 1 (868) 280-LIFE (5433).  


Join us on our journey to contribute significantly to Education System Transformation in the Caribbean.

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*NEW 2-in-1 Laptops are upwards of $3000.00TTD on the open market, and can cost up to $12000.00 TTD for the services above to be included. A waiver has been placed on most of the “markup” to maintain the charitable nature of the initiative and to facilitate the participation of ALL parents. As such, ‘GRAPES’ will earn only $350.00TTD per package from this initiative, which will be used for the donation of desktop computers, basic computer literacy training, and the cost of delivering the devices to each eligible school.

*School officials (principals and teachers) are required to purchase their laptops, however, the markup is waived to support a lower market price.

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