Who We Are



GRAPES For a Good Life Ltd is a specialist education consultancy that works with public and private stakeholders to transform the quality of education. Everything we do is focused on enhancing the quality education and making a tangible difference in the lives of learners, to enable them to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.


On a national and regional level, we use our expertise and insight to improve schools and the education system by delivering educational services and solutions in key areas such as Leadership, Education System Transformation, Technology, Strategy, and Consulting.


GRAPES For a Good Life Ltd also provides to individual clients i.e. students; expert educational assessments and learning solutions that cater to their individual needs and learning abilities. However, cognitive skills assessments are not sufficient for creating students who are motivated to learn and succeed. This can only be achieved through a holistic approach to pedagogies that also include personality assessments, psychological assessments, sociometric data, and career management facilities. Hence the reason our innovative and proprietary six-step model achieves great success in student performance at school and life experiences. Our six-step model motivates students to learn and excel by creating an educational environment that is conducive and relevant to their preferences i.e. their desires and goals for the future.


GRAPES For A Good Life Ltd prides itself on being the FIRST COMPANY IN THE WORLD to integrate six of the most important resources used for creating high-performing students into ONE programEach stakeholder of ‘GRAPES’ specializes in the specific step/ core component of our innovative ‘Six-Step’ model and parental tool-kit. Click here to read more about our innovative six-step model.


Our Partners/Contributors:

  • Elder Associates Ltd
  • Mariam Jones-Sprott (Registered Educational Consultant and manager of the ‘GRAPES’ online tutoring)
  • Nigel Bradshaw (Recruiting officer at the Registrar’s office of the University of the West Indies (UWI)
  • Andre Howard (Vice principal Holy Cross College/ E-tutor UWI Open Campus)
  • Vashti Ramnarine (Advisor and former school education curriculum officer)
  • Beverly Paris (Advisor/ Business Development)
  • Carol Alexander (Secretary/ operations manager)

Suppliers of the Subscription Shares accounts (For wealth creation/Tertiary education)

  • Trinidad Building and Loan Association

Facilitating Childhood development through Technology

  • Blink/Bmobile

Scholarships, Financial Aid, student Visa applications and general guidance for studying in the U.S

  • EducationUSA ( The Embassy of the United States of America)

Suppliers/ Consultants for Laptops and other devices

  • Microsoft Trinidad & Tobago
  • PC Clinic Ltd
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